What is Avèyo?

Avèyo is an avocado based mayonnaise replacement, made from 5 simple ingredients - no eggs or cholesterol!

Avèyo Connects with Haley House

We're supporting our community by donating to Haley House, a community focused soup kitchen!

Aveyo at the New England Health and Fitness Expo

Avèyo introduced itself to the New England Health and Fitness Expo at Hynes Convention Center on Saturday June 14th and Sunday June 15th.

Avèyo at the MGH "Shaping Up for Boston 5K"

Avèyo sponsored the race in support of the Mass General Emergency Response Fund created after last years Boston Marathon bombing.

Avèyo Chicken Salad

Sooo Good! With only 1/2 the fat & 1/2 the calories! Check out all of our recipes in the Recipe Box

Why Avèyo?

- it’s simple: 5 ingredients - 82% is Avocado, not soybean oil and eggs

- it’s delicious: our ingredients combine to create a creamy and rich flavor

- it’s nutritious: made from mostly Avocado, it’s naturally full of great stuff

Compared to mayonnaise, Avèyo has:

1/5 the fat (2 vs. 10 grams)

1/3 the calories (25 vs. 90 cal.)


+ Potassium

+ B Vitamins

+ Soluble Fiber

+ Antioxidants

Avèyo is nonGMO, Gluten Free, and Vegan

Our Community & Athletes

Avèyo believes in a commitment to the people who define the Avèyo Life - through community and healthy living!

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